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what is creativity? User: what is freedom?
Weegy: Freedom. Everyone seems to be for it: liberals and conservatives, libertarians and progressives, hippies and buttoned-down capitalists. [ You cannot do politics without being for freedom ? at least in the United States. But if everyone is for freedom, why do all these factions oppose each other? How can they be enemies and yet be united in favor of the same thing? Is ?freedom? a mere buzzword, a holdover from the days of the American Revolution? Or maybe the meaning of the word is ambiguous: each faction is saying something different when they use the word ?freedom.? Just what is freedom, anyway? You can pull out a dictionary for a stilted definition. I will define it simply: freedom is being able to do what you want to do. This definition encompasses the word root ?free? in its myriad forms. Free speech and free beer both speak of freedom. If you want to mouth off or get drunk, then free speech and free beer are the freedoms for you. In general, political freedom and financial freedom both enable us do more of what we want to do; they both give us more options in life. This simple definition works for all the factions above. It also explains why these factions are at each other?s throats. We cannot all be 100% free. At some point more freedom for me means less freedom for you. Allow me to illustrate: I would like to spend more time writing (and rewriting) articles for this site. I would also start a more democratic stock exchange, create a new political party, write a new operating system, and develop some eco-technology moldering in my notebooks. Alas, I lack the time and finances to do these fun and useful things. I could do at least some of them if I were to receive money without having a day job. Financial freedom is freedom. But how to do this?I know! I?ll do what the government does: I?ll collect taxes. You are hereby required to pay your Milsted Tax. Estimate your income for the past year and sent me 1%. I?m cheaper than the U.S. government, ... (More)
Updated 8/29/2012 6:00:05 AM
1 Answer/Comment
Creativity refers to the invention or origination of any new thing (a product, solution, artwork, literary work, joke, etc.) that has value. "New" may refer to the individual creator or the society or domain within which novelty occurs. "Valuable", similarly, may be defined in a variety of ways.
Added 8/29/2012 6:00:05 AM
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