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Q: 2. How would you characterize Daoist teachings in their entirety?
A: Finding an authentic Daoist teacher is foundational for gaining a deeper entry into Daoist practice and community. In addition to personal affinity, there are certain qualities that are common and noteworthy. [ A teacher should embody what he or she is teaching. A teacher should be cultivating what you want to cultivate. Generally speaking, teachers should not demand that their students practice
something that they do not or that their students not practice something that they do. Teachers should also evidence a depth of understanding of the Daoist tradition. Teachers should embody humility, honesty, and self-cultivation. Teachers should embody clarity, stillness and insight, and maintain an orientation towards the sacred. A teacher should recognize each and every student as a manifestation of the Dao and as containing the potential for spiritual realization. The ordinary and habituated human tendency toward egoistic concern is tempered by awareness of the Dao as the innate nature of each being. A teacher should not be overly self-referential or consider himself infallible. A teacher should not base his or her identity on opposition, negation, or the denial of other people's experience. A teacher's personality, including personal opinions, motivations, and desires, should not override the subtle foundations and parameters of personal cultivation and communal flourishing. An authentic Daoist teacher has an expansive vision, deep concern, and enduring commitment to his or her students' process of realization. In short, an authentic Daoist teacher is an embodiment of the Dao and a model for Daoist practice-realization. (Komjathy, 2007) Read more: ]
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