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Tb joshua and illuminati
TB Joshua, who heads the Synagogue Church of All Saints (Scoan), on three separate occasions, predicted the death of an African President in April. [ His first prophecy was on February 5, then on March 18 then the last one on April 1. “When a prophet says I can see death, he is simply telling you to put your house in order,” TB Joshua said on Sunday. But everyone would like to hear when and
how?" “Here we are only passing through, tell your neighbour. Nine days ago, I received a letter from his Excellency Malawi President. He sent it to me because he knew I was talking about him.” TB Joshua did not disclose the contents of the letter, which had a Malawi government emblem and the late President’s signature, saying it was “personal”. He said Mutharika knew the end was nigh. Mutharika, 78, then died suddenly from a heart attack last Thursday, paving way for the enthronement of Banda. The new Malawi President, who spent the larger part of last year visiting Prophet TB Joshua’s Nigeria-based temple, became the first female head of state in southern Africa following the sudden death of Mutharika. Banda’s enthronement has shaken-up Malawi’s political establishment and spawned conspiracy theories amid speculation that she had something to do with her rival’s death. She was elected as the country’s vice president alongside Mutharika — but spectacularly fell out after she was expelled from Mutharika’s DPP party and formed her own People’s Party. Mutharika had relentlessly persecuted Banda following their fallout, and during one of her visits to TB Joshua’s temple, she was quoted saying: “I have been the most victimised person in the year, but God and Malawians especially women have been faithful to me.” Read more: ]
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