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Q: What are the strategies for promoting curiosity?
A: The following are six learning strategies which promote curiosity in students. 1. Use Curiosity as a Hook ? using curiosity as the principle motivator to begin a science lesson by beginning with a thought provoking question or statement. 2. Present Conceptual Conflict - students experience conceptual conflict when incompatible ideas exist simultaneously in their mind or when information being
received does not seem to fit with what they already know. The use of science discrepant events works well for this learning strategy. 3. Create an Atmosphere for Questions ? students need to feel comfortable about raising questions and have the ability to test their own hypotheses through open discussion and brainstorming sessions. 4. Involve Exploration ? encourage students to learn through inquiry based hands-on, minds-on investigation learning strategies in science. 5. Provide Choices ? provide students with the opportunity to select from several science problems or issues within a specific concept area. Learning strategies which allow the prospect of selecting a topic is intrinsically motivating and will help sustain curiosity. 6. Technology Integration ? provide students with access to the Internet for research and educational technology tools for developing interactive professional looking presentations. Source:
Asked 4/15/2012 3:37:34 PM
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