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Q: Is 2012/2013 waec result available for checking or ready to be used by awaiting students
A: One of the most beautiful and glorious news reaching our news desk today is that the 2012/2013 waec examination result has been released by the Waec board. The West African Examination Council, popularly and internationally called Waec, [ has released her 2012 Waec examination result, which was written in May/June this year. Noticing that in no little time, the Official waec website for
checking results will be crowded, the Waec management board has create a website for candidates that have written the May/June examination to check their result. The November/December West African Senior School Certificate Examination (Wassce) to check their results online with the use of their scratch cards. To check your Waec Or Wassce examination result, you must visit the result checking website online and follow these step by step guidelines, which will enable you to successfully check your result online. how to check my waec 2012 result, my waec result is showing with-held, what to do, how to check the 2012 waec result, how to check my wassce 2012 result, Step By Step Guidelines On How To Check My 2012/2013 Waec Or Wassce Examination Result. Step 1. You must visit the 2012 official waec, wassce website by clicking the link below. Step 2. When the above link has open up, Enter your 10 digit WAEC Examination Number. Note that the 10digit number required from you is: Your 7 Digit centre number: and Your 3 digit candidate number. For Example: 1234567890 Note that the underlined number is your 7 digits examination center number, while the last three number, (890) is your last 3 digits candidates number. Step 3. Now Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year. For Example: 2012 Step 4. Select the Type of Examination you sat for. Step 5. Enter the Card Serial Number, which can be located on the reverse side of your Scratch card. Step 6. Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN can be located on your Scratch card. Step 7. Now Click On the Submit Button and wait for your Waec or Wassce results to be displayed on your computer screen. ]
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Asked 8/3/2012 4:28:04 AM
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