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Q: Provide 5ways in which you critically discuss how lifestyle disease behaviour impact on the teenager?
A: The impact of lifestyle behaviour diseases by the views of the teenager depends on his body, illness, treatment received, and the views of death. Long-term impact of chronic health conditions to the patients and their families. [ [ [ The impact on children is reflected in the development psikososialnya, his involvement with peers as well as achievement in school. While the impact on families,
among other things, the psychosocial status of parents, activities and family economic status . 1. The impact on growth and puberty ; Early adolescence is a period when physical growth and pubertal development of rapid, whereas the middle and late adolescence are more dominant place of cognitive development and psikososial. Puberty and ?Adolescent growth spurt? cause various metabolic changes in the body of adolescents with chronic illness. 2. Appearance (body image) Teenagers are very conscious with her appearance. Delayed puberty or disability that appears will lead to low self-esteem. Different physical form compared with healthy adolescents also often cause anxiety and depression, because teenagers are very concerned with physical appearance. 3. Social and Emotional Development It is said that even though children with chronic conditions psikososialnya growth lower than normal children, but the child?s condition is not the main factor in influencing the development of emotion. Family closeness is very important in the development of children?s emotions. When compared with normal adolescents, many psychosocial problems faced by adolescents with chronic health conditions. 4. Independence (Independence-Dependence) In medical treatment, often teens with chronic conditions are influenced by developments in the process of independence that is at the early and middle adolescents. 5. In children with chronic conditions are very dependent on parents or others, including doctors, in this adolescent development can be docile and childlike. ] ]
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