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How long will my toddler take to adapt to being in childcare?
Weegy: How long it takes for a toddler to adjust to a daycare depends on the following factors: The Child’s Personality/Temperament - All children are different. [ Some are so curious and excited to discover a new environment that they pay little attention to mom leaving. Some are scared and uncomfortable with their new surroundings. The Degree of Change - Are the daycare routines drastically different than those at home? Is the child in an environment in which he does not understand the language? A bigger change could mean a longer adjustment period. Unfamiliarity with the Environment before the First Visit - Has the child visited the daycare before? Has she met the other children at the daycare? It may be harder to adjust to a brand new environment without the security of a well-known caregiver. Hours Spent at Daycare - A child who attends a new daycare every day for the full day will adjust quicker than a child who spends part of the day or every other day at the daycare. ] (More)
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Asked 4/19/2013 1:20:24 AM
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