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how can the bar code increase the use of tech-check-tech system
The tech-check-tech model to improve clinical practice Earlier this year the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy published “A vision statement by the ASHP Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology”. [ The statement represents thoughts on the current state of pharmacy practice and contains a healthy dose of ideas on how technology can help support and improve pharmacy
practice. According to the statement: “Pharmacy practice, especially practice within the acute care setting, is largely unchanged from what it was 30 years ago. While it can be asserted that new drugs have entered the market, more pharmacists spend some or all of their time in clinical practice, and, to some degree, new technologies have become available, too many pharmacists continue to practice in the acute care settings that provide roughly the same services, using the same practice model now, that they did in 1976.” The article goes on to say that pharmacy is using “an obsolete practice model”. Unfortunately this is a sad, but ultimately true statement. The alternative practice model presented in the article calls for pharmacists to move away from the physical pharmacy into a more robust, patient centered practice. It makes sense that the focus of the article is on the use of technolgy to accomplish this goal. With that said, I believe a model that supports the movement of pharmacists to the patient bedside should include the use of pharmacy technicians to help bear the burden that keeps pharmacists tied to the physical pharmacy. The idea was quite a topic of discussion when I was in pharmacy school, 1993-1997. ]
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how has bar coding improved the operation of the pharmacy
Weegy: Bar-code technology is widespread in the general retail environment and is typically used to maintain product pricing information and to track inventory movement. While its advantages have not yet been fully exploited in the hospital and [ community-pharmacy settings, bar-code systems of medication administration are being used to improve overall medication safety through verification that the right drug is being administered to the right patient at the right time. Several studies have shown that bar-code technology can significantly reduce errors in medication dispensing and administration. As technology continues to advance, it will be incumbent on pharmacy stakeholders to implement patient safety measures and for pharmacy boards to provide a regulatory framework that allows for this useful innovation. Bar-code technology has been shown to be useful in the hospital pharmacy setting. Most pharmacists would agree that using bar-code technology in their hospital pharmacies has made their workflow easier and more efficient. Studies conducted in healthcare facilities run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs have shown that technology, specifically the use of bar-coding, is making patients’ hospital stays safer, particularly in the area of medication dispensing and administration........... ] (More)
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