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what are the pros and cons about littering
My sister's kids used to throw their soda cans and stuff out the window of the car. That meant they didn't have to clean the car out when they got home. [ That's ignorance on the part of the kids and both ignorance and apathy on the part of their parents. Here's another. Ever live by a WalMart, especially one by the Mexican border. People buy tons of stuff to take across and to get it over
without paying tariffs, they unbag and unbox it. They don't care that the trash and bags blow all over the surrounding neighborhood. After a petition or two that particular WM sends out a crew to clean up the mess so that everyone is not picking those nasty plactic bags out of trees and bushes. It costs WM money to send out the troops to clean up the mess but they make the profits. They just thought it didn't matter and the trash was an acceptable part of doing business. It isn't. My sister and brother-in-law used to have a fishing shack/clubhouse at the beach. With six kids there was a ton of trash and they would bag it in plastic bags and then dig a shallow hole and bury it. I asked my brother-in-law to consider what the beach would look like if everyone did that. The blowing sand and changing dunes always uncovers it and then it just pollutes. There are now trash cans available to everyone that goes out to that beach. And the last is that this same particular beach is always riddled with cast off junk from the ships out at sea. They simply dump their mess over the side and it washes up where it washes up. And it's a lot. There's everything out their from all types of plastics, old nets from fishing boats, tons of broken light bulbs and we even found bundles and bundles of very old marijuana. It's just easier to dump it overboard and not think of the consquences. And the big one. When I first vacationed in this area, it was known to have clean air and a good environment. Our government decided to dump nuclear waste about 30 miles out at sea. Makes you want to jump in doesn't it. It has stopped now. . .I think. . .I hope these things help you out. I'll let you decided why they do it. It's not too hard to do that. ]
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Asked 10/6/2011 4:56:54 PM
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