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explain the way that individuals process information with reference to the abilities and limitations of individuals with dementian
Weegy: In the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies , people have varying degrees of self-awareness. [ Some people are very aware of their limitations, making them feel sad for the way they are now and making them worried about the future. In general, as the disease progresses, the level of self-awareness will most likely decline. In the earlier stages of the disease, the person you care for may deny or not understand that they have the disease. This can result in them not realizing their own limitations in their abilities , such as driving. As well, the person you care for may believe that they are completing tasks which are now being done for them. For example, they may think they have made the bed when someone else has. As their self-awareness declines, so will their ability to express their thoughts and feelings accurately. This loss of self-awareness does not have to be a negative thing. If someone with Alzheimer's disease does not recognize their decline, it is possible that they could believe they were suffering less. ] (More)
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Asked 6/12/2012 1:09:35 PM
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