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LIFE ORIENTATION (Topic) Substance abuse of both Legal and illegal Drugs among the Youth QEUSTIONS
a) Describe the life style disease/behaviour and explain 10 factors that contribute to the disease .b)Provide 5 ways in which you critically discuss life style/behaviour disease impact on the teenager ? c)write a paragraph of approximately 100-150 words (10-15 lines) in which you make 10 recommendation on overcome the life style diseases/ bahaviour.d)Write a concusion in which you explain in one paragraph what you have learn in doing assignment and how it has changed the way in which you will view lifestyle disease or behaviour in the fature
Acute and life-threatening illness at a transitional life stage on the threshold of adulthood can have a long-term, and therefore chronic, effect on the life trajectories and biographies of young adult cancer patients. [ [ [ [ Many aspects of the participants' lives were affected, including education, careers, life plans, friendship networks, appearance, sexuality and fertility. The economic
effects could also be far-reaching and contribute to a loss of independence, which is very fragile in this age-group ] ] ] ]
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Asked 4/30/2013 8:07:10 AM
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