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3.1 Research the roles of professionals who may provide support to individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities in own local area
Interactions with individuals with chronic illness and disability are often stressful, and people typically avoid them. [ The scripts we learn in life to manage interpersonal situations may no longer be useful in interpersonal situations that are ambiguous and uncertain. We don't know how to approach people with chronic health problems and feel insecure about interpreting their responses. From
the perspective of the person with the illness, relationship tensions stem from the need to disclose the health problem, educating others about their condition and its impact on functioning, and articulating their support needs. Communication issues surround whom to tell, how to tell, how much to tell about symptoms, prognoses, or changes in performance, and, in particular, to explain how it feels. This process is particularly salient in circumstances where there are few visual cues to the disability. read more: ]
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explain the range of equipment that is available to support the additional needs of the individuals multiple conditions and/or disabilities
Weegy: Many of the devices designed to help with common problems experienced by older people are very useful for people with dementia. Examples include mobility aids and equipment for maintaining continence. [ Other devices are designed to address the specific needs of people with dementia. These include memory aids and equipment to help with taking medication. Products that can help with the difficulties that people with dementia experience include: memory aids, such as clocks with large faces or notice boards for messages equipment for washing and for using the toilet, such as bath seats or raised toilet seats equipment for maintaining continence and personal dignity, including commodes, continence aids and dressing aids equipment for eating and drinking, such as specially adapted cutlery or non-spill cups equipment to help people to continue to participate in household activities such as cooking and cleaning, including kettle tippers and adapted kitchen tools mobility aids, including walking frames and wheelchairs transfer aids such as bed sticks, transfer turntables and hoists, which help people to move from a bed to a chair, for example adaptations to seating and beds, such as chair or bed raisers safety devices, such as gas detectors and water-level alerts equipment to help the person take medication, such as boxes with a pill compartment for each day of the week nursing equipment, including bedpans or pressure relief mattresses assistive technology - devices or systems to reduce risk and help with various tasks and activities (see factsheet 437, Assistive technology - devices to assist everyday living). source: ] (More)
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