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2. How does Gloria benefit from filing as head of household, rather than single?
Weegy: If and WHEN you meet all of the necessary rules that have to be met that would qualify you to use the HOH filing status you would have a larger standard deduction amount and your TAXABLE income amount would be less when your income tax is completed [ correctly and completely. And you would end up a smaller federal income tax liability when the income tax return is completed. You can find all of the rules at by going to using the search box for Publication 17 go to Chapter 2 for Filing Status go to Chapter 3 for Personal Exemptions and Dependents You can use the below enclosed website address ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 3/27/2012 12:11:38 PM
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what is a infomral outline
Not Answered
Updated 1/12/2014 3:13:36 PM
1 Answer/Comment
In an informal outline, sometimes called a scratch outline, the writer brainstorms to develop a list of topics, which are then put into some order.
Added 1/12/2014 3:13:36 PM
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what is a topic sentece
Updated 236 days ago|6/1/2016 5:02:54 PM
1 Answer/Comment
In prescriptive grammar, the topic sentence is the sentence in an expository paragraph which summarizes the main idea of that paragraph.

Added 236 days ago|6/1/2016 5:02:54 PM
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Confirmed by vchutkan [6/1/2016 5:19:51 PM]
what is one type of auto insurance
Weegy: Insurance exists to provide indemnity, or reimbursement, in the event of an unforeseen loss or tragedy Auto insurance provides protection in the event of an automobile accident or other incident involving a motor vehicle. [ The policy is designed to pay for damage to property as well as medical expenses of injured parties. ] User: what is one characteristic of auto insurance Weegy: e function of auto insurance is to protect drivers when they are involved in a car accident or other type of incident affecting the car such as fire or theft. [ If an accident or incident occurs and is properly reported, the auto insurance company pays the policy owner the applicable amount. ] (More)
Updated 3/28/2012 8:21:49 PM
1 Answer/Comment
Oone type of auto insurance coverage is Auto Liability Coverage Auto Liability Coverage. It pays for the damage if you are legally responsible for accidentally injuring someone, or for damaging another vehicle or other property in an auto accident.
Added 3/28/2012 8:21:49 PM
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The Elixir Sulfanilamide tragedy occurred in?
Weegy: The United States Pharmacpeia was eastablished in 1820.
1/23/2017 1:36:11 PM| 5 Answers
The basic unit of all forms of life is a(n) A. organ ...
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A test has 20 questions. If Peter gets 80 percent correct, how many ...
Weegy: IF Peter is getting 80% then he must be missing 4 question. because only after solving 16 question he can get ...
1/23/2017 3:29:13 PM| 2 Answers
What is tornado?
Weegy: B. Most tornadoes carry wind speeds that range from 105 to 177 km per hour.
1/24/2017 8:23:49 AM| 2 Answers
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