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do some teachers adhere to principles of learning?
Teaching students isn't just about the content and memorizing facts and material. It is also about the teaching of thinking- the kind of thinking that leads to learning, independence and success. [ You can improve students' academic performance by drawing from their background knowledge, setting learning objectives specific to the tasks and student abilities and reflecting regularly on their
learning. Background Knowledge By bringing in students' background knowledge about material related to new learning, you can facilitate longer and deeper learning. Grant Wiggins, author of "Understanding by Design," writes about making learning interesting by relating it to students' background experiences and building in plenty of hands-on opportunities as a way of engaging students. This guiding of instruction along a responsible learning path leads to higher-order thinking and permanent learning. Setting Learning Objectives According to Anderson and Krothwahl in "Learning, Teaching and Assessing," by setting learning objectives that connect directly to students' background, you will help build their ability to think independently. Setting these objectives with student input makes them that much more meaningful and effective. Both teaching and learning are more effective when objectives are clearly set, straightforward, presented at the onset of each lesson, and directly connected to the task and all related assessments- tests, quizzes and projects. Giving students plenty of opportunities to demonstrate their movement toward these objectives, with feedback along the way, is also crucial to achievement. Read more: Principles of Teaching Lesson Activities | ]
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what are the lesson you have learned on the classroom application of the principle of learning?
Weegy: Tell your students what the learning objectives for the class session are. Telling your students what your objectives for the day are motivates them by letting them know what is expected of them. [ Objectives can be general (i.e., At the end of today's class, you will be able to discuss the current evidence for the roles of nature and nurture in gender roles.) ] (More)
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