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describe how to maintain privacy and dignity when providing personal support for intimate care to an individual with dementia
As far as possible people with dementia should undertake their own personal care because: they will have strong preferences about toileting, washing, [ dressing and other personal routines; it will enhance their confidence and self-esteem; it provides purposeful and normal activity to fill the day. It is always much easier and quicker to help people rather than let them do it for
themselves and people with dementia can be very slow indeed. Staff may also have to suppress their own views on, for example, the advantages of a bath over a strip wash favoured by many older people. The assessment skills of staff are very important. They need to be able to break personal care tasks down into small steps and assess which ones the resident can or cannot do. People with dementia may not be able to dress themselves, for example, because they have forgotten which order clothes go on but if the clothes are placed in the right order they can manage (the right order being, of course, the order they prefer and are used to). The same careful assessments are needed for all personal care activities. Some people may be able to eat a meal if the right implements are put into their hands, but not otherwise. Another person may be able to use the toilet at night if he or she can see it; so a light needs to be left on. A creative problem-solving approach is required and success can be rewarding for staff and resident alike. .............. ]
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Asked 4/8/2012 2:04:37 PM
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