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Q: Which of the following is not true concerning answering audience questions? It is acceptable to tell your audience that you are unsure of an answer and will have to research it. It is not
acceptable to allow your audience to ask questions that might refute your main points. It is always best to answer as quickly as possible. Do not appear to have to think about the question; you will look more intelligent this way. It is perfectly acceptable and polite to omit the question and answer section from your speech entirely and this is a good idea if you are afraid that your audience will ask questions that you cannot answer. If you anticipate questions that may arise from your audience in advance, you can better prepare answers and possibly address them in your speech. Question #6MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following is not acceptable dress for a business presentation? a nice outfit with open-toed shoeskhakis and an ironed shirta skirt with a button-down shirtflip-flops and a tee shirta dress or suit for women or a suit for men. Question #7TrueFalse Score: It is important not only that a speaker is honest about her subject, but also polite. TrueFalse Question #8MultipleChoice Score: The best way to avoid using filler words is planning carefully so that you don't lose your train of thoughtthinking about how immature you will sound if every other word islikeortotallyreading directly from your notesusing note cardswearing comfortable clothing and smiling Question #9MultipleChoice Score: What is the best course of action to follow should you lose your train of thought during your speech? quietly glancing at your notes to find your placecontinuing to speak, even though you are ramblinghoping no one will notice and moving on to talk about something completely unrelatedasking if anyone in the audience has questionsasking the audience to give you a second to regain your composure Question #10MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following is more important in a speech than in a written work? logosethospathosappearanceethics Question #11MultipleChoice Score: The best speakers present sound logic, well-constructed emotional appeals, and focus heavily on their _____. nonverbal cuesverbal cuesethosappearanceschoolwork Question #12MultipleChoice Score: Failing to properly plan out your speech might lead to _____. babblingrunning out of timefinishing too quicklyall of thesenone of these Question #13TrueFalse Score: You should always end your presentation by giving your contact information. TrueFalse Question #14TrueFalse Score: It is important that you find one audience member and make eye contact with him throughout your speech. TrueFalse Question #15TrueFalse Score: The way you dress can make or break your effectiveness as a speaker. TrueFalse
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Asked 10/24/2012 9:41:18 AM
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