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Q: do we have other types of validity of a test other than content validity?
A: Concurrent Validity it means that a test is highly correlated with previously validated test of Same construct. for example you have developed a test to measure the IQ level. [ if you want to test the concurrent validity of the test you developed, you have to test that how its scores are related to a previously validated test (WAIS) of IQ level (same construct). construct means a theory or a
definition of a particular behavior given by a psychologist/researcher. confounding variable confounding means related/connected to, can not be separated. it a variable other than independent and dependent variable and can not be or separated for example gender of participant, IQ level of participant or other characteristics of personality. construct validity the extent to which a test is related to a construct or a definition of particular behavior given by a researcher. meaning if your test item are testing the a particular behavior that you want test than the test is valid but if it is testing something other than that particular behavior in which you are interested it means the test is not valid. content validity if all items of a test measure the same thing that it supposed to measure it means the test is valid and if some its items measure something different that it supposed to measure it means the content of test is not valid or content validity is low. Corelation co-efficient number demonstrating the degree of correlation ]
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Asked 2/12/2013 3:39:34 AM
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