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How do you evaluate procedures for working with others
Evaluating new organizational policies and procedures assesses the implementation of these new measures, as well as whether they achieve the objectives or alleviated the issues that led to their formulation. [ Policy evaluation is an important activity for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Evaluations should occur on a regular basis, soon enough to intervene in any problems that may arise,
but after the new procedures have had time to work. Evaluators of policies and procedures should solicit feedback from the target audience and from the personnel charged with implementing these new actions. Read more: ]
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Explain how to overcome barriers to partnership working
Weegy: The partnership model works around a theory of collaboration, understanding and communication. [ Recognising how the best outcomes for children can evolve when care, development and learning provision, a child, [ their parent/family/carers including other settings and agencies all work cooperatively together. Check how your setting promotes an open door policy, involves, actively invites and works towards engaging parents/carers in the setting's planning and decision making processes. Share observations - daily happenings, how parents/carers contribute & are part of all assessments & updates - data protection & freedom of information. Considerations for a partnership model are barriers to communication & how to overcome them - language, use & access to technology eg. phone, email, literacy skills, time. Confidence & self esteem - anyone with less confidence, sense of worth and value may feel uncomfortable/incapable of imparting their ideas, views and opinions. Learning disabilities and culture can impact on relationships with care providers as an expectation to work together may be unexpected, unfamiliar, cause suspicion & be unwelcome it is also possible an appearance of professionalism creates a barrier, anxiety & withdrawal. Equal opportunity, equality & inclusion in participation whilst extended to all may not be taken up by individuals in the same way. In possible contrast maybe, to the view as to how behaviourist theory relates to the positive reinforcement - operant conditioning exerted over children's choice/motivation to participate, knowing that the less pressure adults feel exposed and obligated to, the more likely it is they'll feel free to take part where and when able to. Evaluation methods eg. feedback, survey and sensitive questionnaires can help identify areas a setting does well in, those for further investigation and aspects of provision that individuals enjoy being part of or can see a way to suggest improvement in. ] ] (More)
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