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what are the relative advantages of centralized and distributed databases ?
Advantages of Distributed Systems over Centralized ones 1:Incremental growth:Computing power can be added in small increments 2:Reliability:If one machine crashes, [ the system as a whole can still survive 3:Speed: A distributed system may have more total computing power than a mainframe 4:Open system: This is the most important point and themost characteristic point of a distributed
system. Since it is an open system it is always ready to communicate with other systems. an open system that scales has an advantage over a perfectly closed and self-contained system. Economic:ANd Microprocessors offer a better price/performance than mainframes Disadvantages of Distributed Systems over Centralized ones 1:As i previously told you distributed systems will have an inherent security issue. 2:Networking:If the network gets saturated then problems with transmission will surface. 3:Software:There is currently very little less software support for Distributed system. 4:Troubleshooting:Troubleshooting and diagnosing problems in a distributed system can also become more difficult, because the analysis may require connecting to remote nodes or inspecting communication between nodes. Read more: ]
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Asked 7/27/2012 3:10:27 PM
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why is it possible to disallow unsafe queries ?
Weegy: Unsafe Query - A query in which the output is possibly infinite. This most often occurs in queries which are recursive or which contain negation. Such queries are disallowed by many database management systems to prevent unsafe queries. (More)
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