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How do texting, Twitter, Facebook, and other social network tools affect us?
Weegy: I think that one of the real impacts of social media communications on our general communications is that many of us tend to be much more revealing in business and personal communications than ever before. [ Somehow, telling the world personal things and then exploring them on our blogs, on Facebook and on Twitter has become socially acceptable in many circles. Not everyone has caught the TMI (too much information) bug, but I?d venture to guess that many of us are much less shocked by someone getting more personally revealing even in a business setting because, well, we read it first on their blog anyway. ] User: Our group behavior has obviously changed in the last few years, due to these influences, so how does that affect not only our education, but our role(s) in society? Weegy: As human beings, they argue, we cannot distance ourselves from our social world; indeed, only by immersing ourselves in its practices can we understand them. [ A subjective interpretation is thus not just desired but required to learn how the media affect the world in which we live. These are fundamentally different assumptions from those held by most social scientists. The types of media effects that critical/cultural researchers investigate are different, too. They’re much more broadly defined and often address the cumulative effects of a lifetime of exposure to media content—content that typically represents a limited range of viewpoints, ideas, and images. Ultimately, the media help maintain a status quo in which certain groups in our society routinely have access to power and privilege while others do not. Because the types of questions critical/cultural scholars ask are often different from those posed by social scientists, these scholars tend to prefer qualitative methodologies such as rhetorical or textual analysis, interviews, and ethnographic techniques. In addition, critical/cultural scholars extend their involvement with their research to include the ultimate ... (More)
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Asked 7/7/2012 1:15:10 PM
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. Rita believes that Shady Apartments, Inc., her landlord, has violated the law in a way that entitles her to withhold the rent. This remedy is generally associated with (Points : 5) breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment. breach of the implied warranty of habitability. discrimination. failure to provide security against crimes in common areas.
Weegy: breach of the implied warranty of habitability. User: Bren leases an apartment from Cris for one year. After two months, she sublets the premises for the next six months to Dee, without obtaining Cris’s consent. Dee pays the rent for only four months. For the last two months of Dee’s six-month term, Bren is (Points : 5) liable for the rent, because Dee defaulted. liable for the rent, because the sublease lacked Cris’s consent. not liable for the rent, because Bren does not own the apartment. not liable for the rent, because Bren sublet the premises to Dee. Weegy: It depends on the law of your country, but usualy it is hard to prove something if there wasnt written agreement. So my answer is - liable for the rent, because the sublease lacked Cris’s consent. (More)
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Asked 7/7/2012 10:07:14 PM
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