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Q: •What is your reaction to Hamlet’s soliloquy?
A: During the fifth soliloquy, we see Hamlet evaluate the choice of man to accept society at face value or to wage war against it. [ Again, he contemplates suicide as a means to escape his misery: ?To die, to sleep; to sleep, perchance to dream-ay, there?s the rub! For in that sleep what dreams may come?? (iii.i.65-67). If Hamlet could just sleep without dreaming, he would like to take his own life
but the mystery of what comes next keeps him from acting on it. He also questions his own honor in living with the hardships of life opposed to dying young and eluding life?s ill -fated events. He speculates that perhaps we all choose life because of the uncertainty and mystery of death. In the final soliloquy, Hamlet ponders his purpose in life which he now believes is to avenge his father?s murder. ?How all occasions do inform against me, and spur my dull revenge? (iv.iv.34-35). Now he is self-loathing for his procrastination and questions his manhood for letting his opportunity to kill Claudius slip away. He is consumed with getting his revenge. He promises himself to only have ?bloody? thoughts but he comes full circle once more to his thinking ways. He decides that his conscience will not allow him the vengeance he secretly wishes he could muster. In each soliloquy, Hamlet laments his failure to take action against his father?s murderer. Each one gives us insight into his ability to think and his failure to act on it. His psychological struggles with death and honor and self-loathing evoke sympathy for his inherent goodness. And although each soliloquy takes us on a different journey into Hamlet?s psyche, his fundamental nature and character remain intact. The soliloquy is an essential means in the story of Hamlet. It brings the audience into the character?s consciousness and gives us reflection into the most profound thoughts and emotions of the characters. I think without the soliloquy, Hamlet would lose vital meaning. ]
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Asked 11/28/2012 8:15:37 PM
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