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Q: explain how the likelihood of abuse may be reduced by promoting choice and rights
A: 1, To reduce the likely hood of abuse you need to talk about. [ Peron centred values dignity respect choice, to discuss with that person what they want how they want it + when they want it ........for example they may always have a bath but perhaps that day they may want a shower instead......or they may always have a bath mon weds fri but fancy a bath on a thursday or in the evening in stead of
a morning! It is about choices + ensuring care plans are up dated 2, To encourge a resident/ person to participate + make decisions for them selves or with you......for example by asking them would you like a shower or a bath ? Would you like to have a meal in your room or with others at the dinning room table ? Would you like to wear the blue dress or the red one today? It is good practise to involve the resident with their careplan as their wishes are core to the plan.........if every staff member works in this way then it reduces the risk of abuse + also gives that person the confidence + self esteem to speak up if there is an issue ......good relations 3, Promoting choices + rights is all the above ...........Empowerment is about taking cotrol of your life even if this is in a small way by deciding what you want for breakfast that morning .........we all make our own decisions in our own homes so why not in a residential home including a resident in their care it allows them to still be an individual to have rights + wishes recognised even if they do not verbally contribute to be included is good practise ]
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Asked 3/18/2013 1:55:55 PM
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