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What factors influence lung volume and capacities?
Weegy: Anything that prevents the lungs from expanding to their full capacity, or else blocks up the lungs or air tract, affects lung capacity. First, there's genetics... [ Not everybody has the same size rib cage, and the bigger your rib cage is, the greater your lungs can expand. Then, there's things that prevent you from expanding your lungs fully - a weak or injured diaphragm, something that obstructs the diaphragm from expanding fully, an injury that prevents you from stretching your ribs, constrictive clothing, loss of elasticity due to age, pleuresia (liquid in the lining of the lungs) or tension pneumothorax (air in the lining of the lungs that prevents the lungs from expanding), or as well as the good old sucking chest wound that won't let the necessary vacuum needed to expand the lungs happen. Then there's things that block up the lungs, such as tar accumulation from smoking, inhaled particulate matter that accumulates in the lungs (e.g. hair for hairdressers, flour for bakers, mining dust for miners, etc.), infections such as colds, pneumonia and the flu, illnesses such as cystic fibrosis and emphysema, body fluids filling the lungs due to leaky blood vessels, and growths such as tumours. Lung capacity is the amount of air that you can take into your lungs. It is not to be confused with your cardio-vascular capacity, which is how well you use the oxygen you draw through your lungs. ] (More)
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Asked 7/4/2012 1:12:08 PM
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