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Provide an example of how gender can influence emotion.
There is evidence that a group of neurons in the brain, collectively called the amygdala, has a strong influence on emotions, particularly on the memory of emotional reactions. [ [ The amygdala is linked to the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain which plays a key role in thought and language. Girls, who appear to be able to talk about their feelings sooner than boys, develop the connection
between the amygdala and the cerebral cortex much earlier than boys (Sax, 2006). Children who have difficulties with their emotions may play up, or they may withdraw from situations. In my own class, I found that the boys would tend to behave in negative ways during emotional situations. In the context of display rules, they had not yet learned how to feel one way and express themselves in another, more socially acceptable way. ]
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What have you learned about the influence of gender on emotion? Provide an example of how gender can influence emotion. You can use an example from personal experience or observation.
Weegy: Women are naturally more emotional, sensitive, sympathetic, empathetic. Men are naturally more objective, mathematical, etc. It's why you see more women teachers, therapists, and guidance counselors. And you see more men engineers, etc. [ It's Yin/Yang. Yin is feminine, emotions, art. Yang is masculine, math, medicine. Example where gender might influence emotions: the ABORTION argument. Many women think it is the women's choice, that it is ultimately up to the women, the carrier of the child, whether she is responsible enough to care for it. Many men think that, even if the women is not responsible enough, that she can give it up for adoption or something. I heard the argument one time, my friend's mom aborted her baby because it was going to be born with a horrible disease, where its spine was horrible disfigured, and it was going to either live an awful life, or die. She brought this up in a class discussion. Most of the girls think that she did the right thing. While some guys said things like, "Oh! Well, she could have carried it around for 9 moths!" We wanted to slap him so bad. He doesn't know about the mental, emotional, and physical hardships of carrying a baby you know you can never have. Keep in mind she loved it, and it was a planned pregnancy. ] (More)
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