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Can a page have high utility even if it is not related to the topic of the query.
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User: Can a page have high utility even if it is not related to the topic of the query.

Weegy: False.
jeifunk|Points 1315|

User: can a rater who reads and writes Spanish is fully qualified to rate projects for all task locations where Spanish is spoken?

Weegy: False. Each query has a task language and task location. All queries have a Task language and Task location. You must use the Task language and Task location to understand the context of the query. [ [ Users in different parts of the world have different expectations for the same query terms. Imagine the user typing in the following query and what they would be looking for. ]
bubulizzz|Points 235|

User: what is a high utility?

Weegy: An economic term referring to the total satisfaction received from consuming a good or service. Read more:
Expert answered|PandaStar|Points 40|

User: will a page have hight utility if it is not related to the topic of the query?

Weegy: Yes it is.
Expert answered|PandaStar|Points 40|

Asked 2/18/2012 10:39:31 AM
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