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What is the group of animal-like protists that is covered with small hairs? A. Ciliates B. Psuedopods C. Sporozoan D. Zooflagellates
A. Ciliates
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_______ are parasites that can be found on almost any type of organism, including worms, fish and humans. A. Sporozoans B. Giardia C. Zooflagellates D. Flagella
Weegy: The answer is letter C. zooflagellates. Zooflagellates are unicellular organisms which may be free living or parasitic. Many of them occur as parasites in various hosts. [ Some of them occur as symbionts. They have an elongated body containing a single, large nucleus. The body is surrounded by a transparent pellicle. One or two flagella are present which are used for locomotion and food capturing. Nutrition may be holozoic or saprotrophic or parasitic. Reserve food is stored as glycogen. The most common method of reproduction is by binary fission. Some forms exhibit cyst formation. Sexual reproduction is very rare. The most familiar example is that of Trypanosoma which occurs as a parasite in human body. It causes the African sleeping sickness. Leishmania is another human parasite which causes a disease called Kala-azar. Giardia is another example of a human parasite. Trychonympha is symbiotic parasite in the body of wood termites. For more info, please refer to this link: ] (More)
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