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Q: Hey there. im in the US. There’s guys and girls who work in this cafe near where I live and there’s this one guy in particular I swear I saw looking at me in the queue when I first went there. It
felt like one of those looks someone gives u when they like you but I guess I can’t be sure. When he served us I’m sure he was eyeing me up and the person I was with said he was but he kept looking at me and when I looked back he looked away before I had the chance to smile or anything so he probably thought I was being rude! Like the next time or the time after that him and the other guys were messing around being stupid or something when I came in and when I went to the queue the suddenly stood up and like fell over it was quite funny, like a sketch or something. A few more times I’m sure I’ve seen him blushing when I’ve been there, but today when I went another guy served us and he came out of the back room carrying some cake or pastries or something and I’m sure I saw him blushing. Then he went back into the back room and I went to collect my order he came back out and stood infront of me and like looked straight at me and did a quick half smile and went to clean some tables outside and I was like ‘waaah?’ i then though t I mustve imagined this and he thinks im some stupid kid or something! Even tho I tried hard on how I looked today ahha! [[[Not just for him before you ask lool)] when he came back in from cleaning the tables im sure he was blushing but I don’t know now and it was a warm day so it could’ve just been that. Im so doubtful of this al now but can someone help? i also want to say when i went in another time recently his mates who were on their break laughed at him or started talking /teasing him or something when he started serving me? i was walking through and hed finished doing the tables and was carrying alot in his arms,and i saw him, knew hed see me walking through when he came to the door and purposely look around the room not at the door and when i did get to the door he was looking at me. i went to open it but he opened it from the outside with difficulty dropped something on the floor and he let me come through i picked it up and gave it to him (not looking at him cus i felt embarased!!!) and walked out and he was like 'oh,thankyou, thanks guys, ta' or something. can someone please tell me whats going on? sorry for the dumbass long question
A: yeah it's too long.. so what is the question>
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Asked 4/26/2011 1:21:09 PM
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