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what are the legal and organisational requirements for dealing with complaints in a health and social care setting
A complaint can be made by a person who receives or has received services from a responsible body or by a person who is affected or is likely to be affected by the action, [ omission or decision of the responsible body which is the subject of the complaint. A person can make a complaint on behalf of a person who has died, is a child, is unable to act because of physical or mental incapacity or
if they have been asked to do so by that person. If a complaint relates to services provided by more than one responsible body, the different organisations must co-operate with each other in handling the complaint and ensuring that the complainant receives a co-ordinated response. Each body must provide the other with relevant information and attend at any meetings which are reasonably required. Where a Local Authority considers that a complaint relates to care home standards, it must obtain the consent of the complainant before it contacts the relevant care home. If the complaint relates to social care, consent is required before details can be sent to the social care provider ]
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Asked 2/20/2012 1:56:35 PM
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