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What are some of the ethical challenges surrounding the movie and music industries as they relate to the Internet?
Well first and foremost, there are copyright challenges. Especially for music, where artists get paid royalties every time someone purchases their song. [ Ethically, taking someone's song or playing a movie clip without their permission and using it on youtube is stealing because it decreases the creator's revenue stream. The main reason why the music industry is in trouble is the decline of
physical sales - albums, CDs, EPs, etc. This partially due to people preferring to download or stream movies and music online instead of buying the physical medium. It's also due to piracy and illegal downloading, which the RIAA has been prosecuting since the lawsuit against Napster. Often songs will leak early or when they aren't finished which can definitely hurt the sales of that song or album. However, the music industry is FINALLY catching up. In certain countries, there are already IP restrictions which have drastically cut down on illegal downloading, and in the US the concentration on revenue has moved away from the album format and to the single instead. Also, artists and actors alike make a lot of their money from sponsorships and endorsement deals. If you look at someone like Miley Cyrus, Disney was making a killing off of Merchandise - I heard something like 26 million Miley Cyrus backpacks were sold last year in the United States. Talk about ridiculous! Besides Merchandise, artists also generate a lot of income through sync licenses for placing their songs on television and film. So, copyright/theft is probably the largest ethical problem facing the music industry today, if you need any more information don't hesitate to ask. Please check out my blog as well, it's for college credit so it would be appreciated. ]
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