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A: It Is No Secret ?Mainz? INCOME STREAM is Rip off August 15, [ 2012 ? by Anon ? in Business It is no secret I am leery about this tease from Matt Badiali from the Stansberry stable that yell about Obama?s tax returns. The Schedule ?C? reporting income on Federal 1040 is business income, with a reduction of allowable business linked deductions. Instead it is net income from sales of books.
Royalty income is usually reported on Schedule ?E? Federal Form 1040, in view of that: the tease ?Super secret Mainz INCOME STREAM? is a total misrepresentation of truth. Badiali has shown proof of testimonials and testify instances of people getting paid a monthly stream of income. Then he talks about three gold companies where an investor can receive a royalty stream, but only when an investor sells, just owning them is not going to create any income for you. More so, why the heck is he trying to sell his one-year trial subscription to The S&A Resource Report for $39 when, he can make many times more by following his own investment prophecy? Royalties on book sales and royalties on mineral rights are the same, and of course, misleading, you are not supposed to look behind the curtain, with such teasers. Submitted by Anon ]
bongche|Points 3085|
Asked 9/7/2012 12:00:29 PM
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