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Q: what methods of communication people with sight loss used
A: Read a Deaf Blind Uk Site article: (Types of Communication People suffering from deafblindness use a variety of different communication methods. Which method they choose depends upon how much useful sight and hearing they retain. [ Other factors include the causes of their deafblindness and for how long the person has had sensory impairments. And in some cases a deafblind person can make use of
a combination of techniques to communicate. Here are some of the most common types of communication used by deafblind people. Deafblind manual alphabet Also called finger spelling, this method represents the letters of an alphabet using only the hands. This type of signing makes use of touch by spelling out each word onto a deafblind person's hand. Each letter is signified by a particular sign or location on the hand. Although the Deafblind manual alphabet can take a while to learn it's much faster to use than other methods such as block. Due to it's speed and fluency, this method is one of the most commonly used worldwide. The manual alphabet can be used to denote complex words by spelling individual letters or quickly express simple information such as 'yes' and 'no' through use of quick signs. Block Block is another form of manual communication in which words are spelled out onto the palm of the deafblind person's hand. As opposed to other forms of manual signing, Block makes use of tracing in order to spell the words on the palm. Block can be used to spell out complex words by tracing each letter with your finger in block capitals on the deafblind person's palm. Letter's are placed on top of each other and there are slight pauses to signify the end of a word. It's important to keep letters large and clear as it's easy to mistake similar shaped letters. Although learning Block requires very little tuition, it isn't as fast and is less popular than other signing methods due to the limited speed at which information can be imparted. British Sign Language (BSL) BSL is the main sign language used in the UK and is usually the first language of deaf people in the country. This languages makes use of space and movement of the hands, face, body and head. ]
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Asked 8/14/2011 1:53:56 AM
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