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analyse the skills, attitudes and approaches needed by those providing support or brokering services in order to implement personalisation
Personalisation – delivering public services in a way that gives people using that service more choice, responsibility and control in relation to the service they receive. [ Voluntary advice sector – registered charities, community groups and social enterprises that provide advice services. Advice – one-to-one advice tailored to a particular individual?s needs. Adult social care – in the UK
this currently covers a wide range of services provided by local authorities and other organisations to enable people to live more independently, either in their own homes or in a residential setting. Services like help with washing, dressing, feeding or assistance in going to the toilet are also included, as are meals-on-wheels and home-help. Support brokerage – support given to an individual to help them: identify their own support needs; find out what resources and services are available to them; work out what support package will best meet their needs and preferences (given the available resources); organise and manage this support; review and adapt this support over time; and (potentially) identify problems and avenues for help in resolving them. Sometimes described as: information, advice and advocacy; support services; navigation; care brokerage; and care/support planning Assessment – an independent support broker is unable to carry out a formal assessment of need and eligibility for services from a local authority. This would be done by a social work professional or care manager ]
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