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atom The simplest unit of an element that still retains the properties of that element. colloid A uniform dispersion, heterogeneous in nature, between two or more substances. compound Two or
more elements chemically joined together such that the elements have lost their individual identity in favor of a new set of properties. element A primary substance that cannot be divided into separate substances; one of about 112 different basic varieties of matter making up the universe. heterogeneous Composed of dissimilar parts which can be separated easily and which are unevenly distributed in the mixture. homogeneous Even distribution of parts throughout the whole mixture; not easily separated into individual components. inorganic A compound that does not contain the element carbon. metal The group of elements that tend to give up electrons and are good conductors of electricity and heat; solids except for mercury. mixture Two or more substances dispersed in one another but each retaining their own identity. nonmetal The group of elements that have high electronegativities and are poor conductors of electricity and heat; mostly liquids and gases. organic A compound that contains the element carbon. phase change A change from one state of matter to another. physical change A change in shape, size, or physical characteristics but remaining the same substance. solution A uniform mixture of molecules or ions of one substance in another. suspension A temporary heterogeneous mixture that separates into individual components with time.
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