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outline the importance of finding out an individual's history needs wishes likes and dislikes?
It is important to find out about an individuals history, needs,wishes and likes and dislikes or preferences mainly to get to learn more about their personality, to understand their desires or needs, to also get to know them better. [ When we discover more information about another person it also brings us closer to them and we can also understand them better. The benefits of knowing an
individual's wishes are that you can make them happy because you know what they want. This therefore is an advantage for you as your friend will appreciate your thoughts and your decision in getting something they really wish for or like. The benefit of knowing their preferences is that you won't make a mistake of buying something they don't like. Instead you will make sure that you buy something they will definitely like to avoid any unhappiness. For example if you know that a friend hates wearing shorts you would not buy them a pair of shorts for their birthday because maybe they are conscious of their legs or some other thing they feel uncomfortable with. ]
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Outline the importance of finding out an individual's history, needs, wishes, likes and dislikes
Weegy: It helps to meet the needs of the whole person. It helps you understand why someone might behave in a certain way. . [ You'll be able to provide a better standard of care if you know what they like and what they don't like. target=_blank rel='nofollow'>' target=_blank rel='nofollow'>,+needs,+wishes,+likes+and+dislikes&hl=hu&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjcas0VaqU2rkIh8cPgDOeyhx9RsVRq8XukWJ4ViTDOMEvBjadxHjyWJzBB0yLB7seRpurjWvX6k-11pzfZlLSsVJ2SEGseM6b117NCMw8zYDptOtPrtmD2x_UJjJVPa0zkFoSa&sig=AHIEtbTM-5S4D_gCAcm034Lw9q0Yd8trTA ] (More)
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