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i am fine
Weegy: Great to hear. Is there anything that I can help you with? User: yes User: what are three different types of media ownership that can be found in worldwide Weegy: Media in Australia is an important component of the Australian economy. Australian media is widely accessible and caters to a wide variety of audiences. [ Ninety-nine percent of Australian households have a television, and all households have at least one radio. Two media outlets in Australia are publicly funded: the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). Both broadcast on free-to-air television, radio and online. They are both owned by the Australian Government. Television Main article: Television in Australia New South Wales and Victoria were introduced to television in 1956, with the other states following suit up to 1971 (the Northern Territory). Colour television was introduced in 1975.[1] In addition to the public broadcasters which are available to almost all of Australia's population, there are three major commercial television networks: the Nine Network, the Seven Network and Network Ten. Most of Australia's heavily populated cities are serviced by all three networks. Some rural or regional areas may receive a more limited selection, often with some of the channels available showing programming from more than one of the major networks. An example of such a "shared" regional network is Imparja. Digital free-to-air broadcasts commenced on 1 January 2001. Analogue broadcasts were originally intended to be phased out by 2008, however the target has been moved to 2013 After heated debate in the early 2000s over a Bill that would have removed the foreign ownership restrictions of broadcasting TV licenses, the Australian government chose to retain the foreign-ownership restrictions in its 1992 Broadcasting Act. As such, Australia continues to disallow foreign control of a broadcasting license and limit foreign ownership of broadcasting ... (More)
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Asked 3/2/2012 1:12:21 AM
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what are floods? User: what can be cone to reduce the risk of floods?
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Updated 220 days ago|11/23/2015 7:11:05 AM
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A flood is a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow.

Added 220 days ago|11/23/2015 7:11:05 AM
Explain two ways in which the media does not reflect the society you live in
Weegy: Media relies on its customers, they have to give them what they want or they simply wont buy their product or service. Marxists have a very different outlook on the media to Pluralists. [ They believe that the media is used as a method of ideological control and that it is used to transmit capitalist ideas to us. It has come to the point where we ourselves do not know any different, brainwashing by the media has led to us to not know any different. They also see the media as a creator of false class consciousness, distracting us form important issues in life so that we don't realise our exploitation at the hands of capitalism. In Marx's Dominant Ideology Thesis he writes that the dominant class use the media to convey there ideas and uphold their position in society, media output reflects capitalist interests. The media tries minipulate people into buy there useless products. Read more: ] (More)
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Asked 3/3/2012 2:55:05 AM
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