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How do our food choices affect the environment?
Food choices affect both human and environmental health. [ Raising animals for food contributes to the cause of land degradation, air and water pollution, loss of biodiversity, global warming and water shortage. According to a 2007 article from the Huffington Post, the United Nations says that almost one-fifth of global warming emissions come from livestock - more emissions than from all of
the world's transportation combined. Animal agriculture takes up an incredible 70 percent of all agricultural land, and 30 percent of the total land surface of the planet. United Nations Report, Huffington Post That same article gives a statistic about fossil fuels. "Producing a calorie of meat protein means burning more than ten times as much fossil fuels - and spewing more than ten times as much heat-trapping carbon dioxide - as does a calorie of plant protein." These fossil fuels are not just a result of producing the meat. This statistic takes into account transporting the animals to slaughterhouses, slaughtering them, refrigerating the carcasses and distributing the meat across the nation. In terms of land degradation, "Animal agriculture takes up an incredible 70 percent of all agricultural land, and 30 percent of the total land surface of the planet," said the Huffington Post. The fight against global warming most commonly involves recycling, driving a fuel-efficient vehicle, using reusable grocery bags or campaigning against mountain top removal, but often leaves out changing dietary choices. In a book edited by David Pimentel, Cornell University professor of ecology and agriculture science, the authors discuss how many gallons of water are required to produce one pound of meat. To produce one pound of beef requires more than 12,000 gallons of water. ]
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Asked 3/20/2013 1:39:15 PM
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Are you alright there? User: That's very...cryptic. Can you tell me why our food choices affect the environment?
Weegy: By not eating beef– and other farm animals as well–you: save massive amounts of water – 3,000 to 5,000 gallons of water for every pound of beef you avoid, avoid polluting our streams and rivers better than any other single recycling effort you [ do, avoid the destruction of topsoil, avoid the destruction of tropical forest, avoid the production of carbon dioxide. (Your average car produces 3 kg/day of CO2. To clear rainforest to produce beef for one hamburger produces 75 kg of CO2. Eating one pound of hamburger does the same damage as driving your car for more than three weeks); reduce the amount of methane gas produced. (I imagine the next bumper sticker: stop farts, don’t eat beef); reduce the destruction of wildlife habitat, and help to save endangered species. ] (More)
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Asked 3/20/2013 1:48:21 PM
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