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How is information stored into your long-term memory?
Weegy: Information is often stored into long-term memory by "rehearsal", or repetition. Repetitive practice or exposure to some kind of stimulus eventually puts it into long-term memory, instead of short-term memory. [ It can also be stored in long-term memory based on the significance of the memory, or how important or memorable it was. There are usually two types of long-term memory types: episodic or semantic. An example of episodic memory is something like your first day of school. It's our memory of a certain significant event at a given point in our lives. An example of semantic memory may be something like the memorized meaning of vocabulary words for a test. It's like an organized record of facts, skills, concepts, and statistics. Semantic memory can often be derived from episodic memory, because we learn new facts from new experiences. The way in which we humans remember this long-term information is usually through recall or recognition. With recall, the information is a product presented from your long-term memory. With recognition, how the information is presented provides the knowledge that you have seen that information before. Hope this helped you some! ] User: How does information stored in your long-term memory affect your critical thinking skills? Weegy: Long term memory aids in critical thinking by helping you recall situations where you made a mistake or where there was positive output from your work. This allows to decide based on previous experience and/or observations. [ ............. ] (More)
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