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Q: Dolly Winthrop was _____. a selfish person worldly and money-seeking generous and serving Question #14MultipleChoice Score: The plot of a novel is _____. a random series of eventsan actual
series of eventsan artificial ordering of events Question #15MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. What does the gold represent in the novel? a prop for Silas to lean onan ideal worlda substitute for friends for Silasa curse and a blessing for Silas Question #16TrueFalse Score: The novel followed the drama as a major form in England. TrueFalse Question #17TrueFalse Score: Raveloe is a village distrustful of strangers, but possesses community spirit. TrueFalse Question #18MultipleChoice Score: What literary tradition immediately preceded the novel tradition? short storyromancefable Question #19MultipleChoice Score: Eppie was a(n) _____. happy and content personseamstressherbalist Question #20TrueFalse Score: An autobiography is the same thing as a novel. TrueFalse Question #21MultipleChoice Score: An intentional departure from a normal meaning of words is _____. an imagea figure of speecha symbol Question #22TrueFalse Score: Dunstan was sure Silas was dead and would have no need of the gold. TrueFalse Question #23Matching Score: Match the following. 1. the information needed to understand a story novel 2. artificial ordering of events exposition 3. fictional person character 4. long prose narrative climax 5. the catalyst that begins the major conflict plot 6. partially established by the setting complication 7. the turning point in the story that occurs when characters try to resolve the complication resolution 8. the set of events that bring the story to a close mood Question #24MultipleChoice Score: The question "What does the writer say?" is a question of _____. interpretationanalysisevaluation Question #25TrueFalse Score: Silas was compared to a spider many times throughout the book. TrueFalse
A: Dolly Winthrop was _____generous and serving please post one question at a time.Thank you
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