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Packer,L and Cadenas,E(2005)Molecular interventions in life-style realated diseases. New York CRC press
Examples of Bibliography using Proper reference technique: Fries, Charles Carpenter, The Structure of English (In Italics or could be underlined)). New York: McGraw Hill Company, 1952 Steinback, John. Of Mice and Men (Italics or underlined). [ New york: The Viking Press, 1982 ***The bibliography is typed as a solid list. It must contain the following basic information for each item included:
author's name, title of work and publication date (place, publisher, and date). The bibliography contains the sources used in writing the paper. it gathers together all the articles and books cited by your paper in the footnotes (if there's any) plus whatever additional materials your teacher specifies. arrange your bibliography in alphabetical order by author, or by title when no author is given. If the bibliography is too long, you may group the materials according to type: books, magazines, that is. if more than one book by the same author is being listed, you may substitute a 7 space line for the author's name after you have once given it. or if there isn't any author, _____________________. English Book. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1945 take note that you must use a 'hanging indention' for that's the correct way. Ex. Bradley, Sculley. American Literature. New (3 spaces)York: W.W. Norton and Company, Inc., 1967 ]
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