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Q: Iam 21 years old iam suffering with white hair can u give me a suggestion to prevent white hair?
A: The common causes of premature grey hairs are: •Lack of nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, iron, copper, [ and iodine may cause early graying of hair. •Mental stress and worries are another prominent reason for the premature graying of hair. •An unhygienic scalp may also cause early graying of hair. •Hereditary factors may also lead to premature grey hair. Some of the common home remedies to
treat premature graying of hairs are as follows: •You can employ Indian gooseberry to treat this condition as it serves as a hair tonic which helps in enriching hair growth and retarding the loss of hair pigmentation. Cut the fruits into slices, dry them, and then boil the slices in coconut oil. Apply the homemade tonic on your scalp for a while and then rinse it off. You may also use gooseberry juice to massage your hair. •Extract the juice of Amaranth to cure the premature graying of hair and retain the color of your hair. •Curry leaves can also prove beneficial in premature graying. Increase the intake of curry leaves in your diet. You can also use the juice of curry leaves in buttermilk to massage your scalp. Curry leaves help to provide vitality to the scalp and stimulate hair growth. •Do not consume devitalizing foods like white flour, refined sugar, and aerated drinks. You must also restrict your intake of canned or processed foods. •Massaging your scalp with almond oil is another great way to treat this condition. •Do include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet to ensure that your body gets all essential minerals and vitamins that it needs. A balanced diet is necessary to maintain the health of your hair. •A dermatologist may be able to identify the exact reason for this premature graying and suggest an appropriate method of treatment. ]
Asked 11/25/2010 9:55:04 AM
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