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The Erie Canal joined Lake Erie with the Ohio River. True False Question #4TrueFalse Score: The price of the Model T was within reason due to assembly line production. TrueFalse Question
#5TrueFalse Score: Steam engines were used in factories, transportation, and communication. TrueFalse Question #6Matching Score: Match the effects the following developments had on the growth of industry. 1. forced the U.S. to produce goods once imported from England war 2. increased production because of demand for supplies, lowered unemployment standardized parts 3. interchangeable, increased efficient production steel 4. moving pieces quickened production assembly line 5. provided a tough, versatile building material for industry Embargo Act of 1807 Question #7MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. The four factors making the United States ripe for industry included: New England businesspeoplenumerous riversiron and oil depositsimmigrantshelp from England Question #8TrueFalse Score: Electricity supplied light and power to United States factories. TrueFalse Question #9TrueFalse Score: A factor that led to the growth of the factory system in the United States was the development of new power sources. TrueFalse Question #10TrueFalse Score: Drake's Folly, the first oil well, brought a new power source to United States industry. TrueFalse Question #11TrueFalse Score: The trans-Atlantic telegraph joined England and the United States by wire. TrueFalse Question #12TrueFalse Score: The Cumberland Road was America's first transcontinental road. TrueFalse Question #13TrueFalse Score: Coal, oil, and water are still used to power businesses. TrueFalse Question #14Matching Score: Match the inventors with the inventions. 1. telephone Edison 2. powered, human-piloted aircraft Howe 3. incandescent light bulb Cooper 4. assembly line McCormick 5. telegraph Fulton 6. Tom Thumb Morse 7. Clermont Whitney 8. sewing machine Bell 9. reaping machine Wright 10. cotton gin Ford Question #15TrueFalse Score: Cooper's steam locomotive was more practical as a carrier of freight than of people. TrueFalse Question #16Matching Score: Identify the following five terms by matching them with the best definition. 1. mass development of farm labor saving machines transcontinental telegraph 2. money, equipment and other assets Cumberland Road 3. joined England and U.S. by telegraph wire agricultural revolution 4. first one built with crushed rock capital 5. spread of telegraph from the East to California trans-Atlantic cable Question #17TrueFalse Score: The Embargo Act of 1807 stopped trade with England, thus decreasing American production. TrueFalse Question #18MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. Four communication improvements included: the telegraphthe telephoneassembly linemail deliverytrans-Atlantic cable Question #19MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. Four factors for improvements in transportation included: Fulton's FollyTom Thumbthe airplaneDrake's Follythe Model T Question #20MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. Four inventions of the agricultural revolution included: the cotton ginthe sewing machinethe threshing machinethe steel plowthe mechanical reaper Question #21MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. The five factors encouraging industrial growth included: improved transportationwarmodern machinerylower production ratesimproved communicationbetter production methods Question #22TrueFalse Score: The Middle Atlantic and North Central states led in United States production. TrueFalse Question #23TrueFalse Score: The use of iron brought many advantages over the steel previously used. TrueFalse
Please seprate the questions one by oneThe Erie Canal joined Lake Erie with the Ohio River. This is true.
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