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mn - 4m - 5n + 20
Weegy: mn - 4m - 5n + 20 = (m-5) (n-4) User: ab + 4 + a + 4b User: mr + ns - nr - ms Weegy: mr + ns - nr - ms bring similar terms together mr - ms - nr + ns take out similar factors in each pair of terms m(r - s) -n (r - s) (m - n) (r - s) User: Simplify -3p3 + 5p + (-2p2) + (-4) - 12p + 5 - (-8p3). Select the answer in descending powers of p. 1 - 7p- 2p2+ 5p3 5p3- 2p2- 7p+ 1 1 + 7p+ 2p2- 5p3 -5p3+ 2p2+ 7p+ 1 Weegy: The answer is 5p3- 2p2- 7p+ 1. (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 7/18/2012 7:06:50 AM
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The process of dividing into parts to study the whole is called the
Weegy: The process of dividing into parts to study the whole is called analysis. (More)
Updated 8/12/2014 2:50:43 PM
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Whole life insurance does not have a cash value for the insured. true or false User: Liability insurance protects a homeowner against injury to other people on his property.true or false
Weegy: True User: Term insurance has value as an investment.true or false User: Temporary insurance cannot be purchased to cover single events like a vacation.true or false Weegy: False. User: Fire insurance is purchased to protect your property in case someone slips or falls and injures himself.true or false Weegy: False. If the policy says Fire Insurance, then fire is what it covers. It takes a "Home owners" or "full coverage" property owner's policy to cover accidents that happen on the property. You need to make sure the policy includes accident coverage. [ I am actually not sure what the title of the policy would be, because it could be slightly different depending on the company you are buying the policy from. Tell your agent everything you need covered, such as Fire, Flood, Accidental injury of person on your property....whatever applies to what you need and your agent will put together the best policy to suit your needs. ] User: Taxes are what the government levies upon us to obtain the money needed to operate.true or false (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 7/18/2012 7:34:14 AM
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George Washington's proclamation of neutrality was:
Weegy: George Washington's Proclamation of Neutrality was designed to keep America out of further wars. (More)
Expert Answered
Updated 246 days ago|1/1/2015 7:55:47 AM
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Large commercial theaters in New York having long-run popular plays are referred to as
Updated 5/1/2014 5:04:18 AM
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Large commercial theaters in New York having long-run popular plays are referred to as BROADWAY.
Added 5/1/2014 5:04:14 AM
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