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what are the importance and benefits of valuing and promoting cultraul diversity in working with children and young people?
Weegy: The importance of valuing and promoting cultural diversity Our school provides opportunities for the spiritual, moral, [ [ social and culturaleducation of its children to ensure that they understand and value social andcultural diversity in Britain and the world. An essential part of preparation foradult life is preparation to live in a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-faithsociety and this is positively promoted in our school.The school, therefore, does not allow any form of bullying, racism and otherforms of violence, whether physical, intellectual or emotional towards anychild, thus making sure that it is a safe place where everyone can learntogether. How we do this ? By making children feel valued and good about themselves. ? By ensuring that children have equality of access to learning. ? By making adjustments to the environment and resources toaccommodate a wide range of cultures. ? By positively reflecting the widest possible range of communities in thechoice of resources. ? By avoiding stereotypes or derogatory images in the selection of booksor other visual materials. ? By celebrating a wide range of festivals eg Diwali and Eid. ? By creating an environment of mutual respect and tolerance. ? By having displays celebrating the multi-cuturalism of the school egworld flags ? By encouraging positive behaviour in children eg kindness and inclusion. ? By learning about different faiths and cultural practices as part of thecurriculum. ? By celebrating important events eg Black History Month ] ] (More)
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Asked 11/28/2012 8:05:37 AM
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