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what are the moonshine laws in louisiana
Louisiana LouisianaUpdated: 9/1995 Status: Possibly permitted Statute Louisiana statute, Title 26, Chapter 1, [ Part II provides that before engaging in the business of dealing in alcoholic beverages all persons shall obtain an annual permit to conduct such business. Discussion:Presently no provision, exception, exemption or license/permit exists for the home manufacture of beer in Louisiana.
However, a 1944 State Supreme Court decision held that the manufacture of four bottles of beer did not constitute "engaging in the business" of manufacturing or producing beer within the meaning of the statute. State v. Jordan, 20 So.2d 543. Dennis Jordan who had been convicted of the unlawful manufacture of an intoxicating liquor appealed and had his conviction and sentence set aside. Special Provisions N/A State Alcohol Beverage Control Agency State of Louisiana: Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control P.O. Box 66404 Baton Rouge, LA 70896 Phone: 504.925.4041 Fax: 504.925.3975 Applicable Statutory Material § 241. ]
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