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What environmental problem causes ill health,accidents,crises and disasters within South Africa?
The environmental problem which can cause ill health, accidents, crises and disasters is ozone depletion due to increase of CFCs. The ozone is responsible in protecting the humans from the direct heat of the sun. [ But because of its depletion certain problems occur for the humans. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause illness specifically skin diseases. It may also cause heat strokes which
could lead to death. Too much heat may also affect the mood of the person and this is one reason why there are road accidents. Nowadays, because of ozone depletion, climate change is a crisis that all humans have to face. Most importantly, because of the climate change, extreme disasters and calamities happen worldwide. In other words, the ozone depletion is the environmental problem that could be considered as one of the main sources of disasters. ]
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Environmental factors have a role to play across the spectrum of the quadruple burden of ill health that presently characterizes South Africa. Nearly two decades after the dismantling of apartheid, an assessment of the environmental health situation in South Africa shows a mixed picture of gains and lost opportunities. On the positive side there has been much progress made in building the legal framework needed to prevent environmental pollution, and to act against polluters. However, too many communities in South Africa still continue to face exposure to hazards such as polluted air,23 lead, and mercury from industrial and other sources.
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