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demonstrate supportive and realistic responses to children and young people's questions, ideas and suggestions and concerns
As part of the children's science work I was asked by the CT to work with a certain group of children, the project covered how to make a light bulb work by using a battery and a small number of electrical wires. [ [ The children had a few ideas and suggestions to which I remarked ?what do you think would happen if you attached the wire to the battery using the alligator clips?? once I had said
that, they then figured out that by using the battery as the main source of electricity they could attach the wires using the alligator clips and make the light bulb work. Throughout this project I had advised and given them a few ideas and suggestions but had not given the answer in order for them to figure it out for themselves, which was the whole aim of the project in the first place. This is a practical example of how I could help with ideas and suggestions however, I deal with children on a regular basis who sometimes find themselves in trouble for being naughty or doing silly things and who usually end up with no one to play with at lunchtime, in this situation I take them to one side without an audience and ask them why they think no one will play with them and what could they do in order to remedy that. By asking them this it gives them the opportunity to talk about ideas and ways of turning their behaviour around in order to have more positive relationships with other children. ] ]
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Asked 11/20/2012 1:06:49 PM
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demonstrate realistic consistent and supportive responses to children and young people's behaviour
Weegy: Being consistent means not letting the child rule the roost (when I say no, I mean no). [ It means consistently taking him/her/them to the park to play at the same time every day, eating dinner in the same place, saying prayers at the same time, going to church every week, reading books every night before bed, singing with them or listening to music every time we are in the car, always ensure that children use their manners before they are given anything, etc. Consistent patterns and routines enable children to engage in various positive activities every day, so they don't get bored or start practicing negative behaviours. ] (More)
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