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Q: 4.3 Develop strategies to deal with areas of difficulty and challenge encountered in professional practice in early years settings
A: Parents not collecting their child on time - getting later and later. Parents with outstanding fees Parents with a complaint i.e they claim a child has hit their child Speaking to a parent about a concern you have about their child (you feel that [ the child has specific needs, and you are worried how they may accept/not accept it). Parent has been discriminating against another parent
(possibly verbally to the other parents). How are you going to deal with these? Well , this is when you are very grateful for having full and comprehensive policies and procedures. When speaking to parents, if they come to you with a concern/complaint - listen - really listen, even if they start to shout, often they just want to say their piece - then if they have cause to complain or bring something up - you may be able to deal with it there and then and remember always to speak in a professional manner, do not make it personal, remember it is a concern/issue. If you are able to resolve it, do so, if not monitor the situation/deal with the concern, report back to them if needs be. Thank them for pointing it out. It doesn't matter how small a concern is - it's important for that child and their parents, and you want to assure those parents you take things seriously. If the concern/situation is unfounded, then you must deal with it (again professionally) and explain why it is not so. Some parents question their child for a blow-by-blow account when they arrive home, and sometimes a child will give them the first thing that comes into their head, just so the parent does not keep asking them questions. If this is the case, explain symphathetically why children behave the way they do - but don't call any child a liar, they aren't lying, they often believe what they say - after all we spend alot of our time really fairy tales/fables and encourage them to make-believe. ]
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Asked 6/11/2012 3:47:58 PM
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