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Q: describe what to look for when assessing the skin?
A: he skin is an easily observed indicator of the peripheral circulation and perfusion, blood oxygen levels, and body temperature. The skin color, temperature, and condition are good indicators of the patient's condition and circulatory status. [ They may also be good initial indicators of heat or cold injuries. This initial indicator should always be confirmed, when time permits, with a core body
temperature (see Lesson 2). a. Color. (1) Many blood vessels lie near the surface of the skin. (2) Pigmentation in individuals will not hide changes in the skin’s underlying color. (3) In lightly pigmented individuals, skin normally has a pink color. (4) In patients with deeply pigmented skin, changes in skin color may only be apparent in certain areas, such as the fingernail beds, the lips, the mucous membranes in the mouth, the underside of the arm and hand, and the conjunctiva of the eye. b. Temperature. (1) Normally, the skin is warm to the touch. (2) The skin feels hot with significant fever, sunburn, or hyperthermia. (3) The skin feels cool in early shock, profuse sweating, heat exhaustion, and profound hypothermia and/or frostbite. (4) Feel the patient’s forehead with the back of your ungloved hand to determine marked fever. c. Moisture. (1) The skin is normally dry. (2) Wet, moist, or excessively dry and hot skin is considered abnormal. ]
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