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The questions below refer to the selection Games at Twilight. The parents in this story a. participate happily in their childrens games b. quarrel bitterly c. are distant figures of
authority d. have no role in their childrens lives
In Games at Twilight the parents are c. distant figures of authority
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Asked 1/22/2013 11:22:10 PM
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persuasive speeches are speeches of contention. This means that they? a. take a stance on a issue b. aim to inform the audience c. urge action d. portray a specific attitude
Weegy: Persuasive speeches a. take a stance on an issue. User: in giving a persuasive speech, we should keep in mind all of the following except? a. articulation b. pronunciation c. stance d. volume Weegy: hi A)articulation have a nice time bye.. User: a good persuasive speech? a. presents two sides equally b. takes a stand c. remains neutral d. asks the audience to decide upon two positions Weegy: A good persuasive speech takes a stand. User: according to one of the rubrics, the two items considered part of the conclusion of a persuassive speech are the? a. comprehension and transitions b. final appeal and summary c. preview and clincher d. summary and transitions (More)
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In The Hollow Men in a metaphor the valley of the hollow menis compared to a? a. passage from Shakespeares Julius Caesar b. scarecrow c. rose full of thorns d. broken jaw
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Updated 8/18/2014 2:34:14 AM
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In The Hollow Men in a metaphor the valley of the hollow menis compared to a broken jaw.
Added 8/18/2014 2:34:14 AM
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