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explaining how restoration and redemption are significant for our purpose as individuals and for mankind in general
We have long heard of the “three R’s” of elementary education—reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. Similarly, a set of interrelated doctrines might be referred to as the three R’s of the Book of Mormon—restoration, redemption, and resurrection. [ In fact, we might add a fourth R, repentance, which is essential for the first two to function. Material for this chapter is drawn primarily from two
experiences recorded in the book of Alma. First, Alma and Amulek confront a group of antagonistic lawyers in the wicked city of Ammonihah. Amulek’s response to Zeezrom’s hostile questioning is recorded in chapter 11. Then, as Alma the Younger neared the end of his life, he took time to give instructions to his three sons. Notice how he spent the most time with, and gave particularly profound teachings to, his wayward son Corianton—recorded in chapters 39–42. Apparently Alma agreed with the principle President Boyd K. Packer later annunciated—that “the study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior.” ]
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explaining how restoration and redemption are significant for our purpose as individuals and for mankind
Weegy: All restoration is accomplished by the power of the cross of Jesus Christ. The cross alone is the atonement and sacrifice which is able to redeem man and the earth. [ It is through the cross that we are reconciled to God, but it is also through the power of the cross that the grace of God is extended to us to change and restore us. It is the power of the cross which kills our old self, and resurrects us to newness of life. There are two important aspects of redemption. First, it unconditionally frees us from the binding or limiting consequences of the Fall. Second, it provides the means by which we can overcome the penalties from our own sins. Simply because if we read the Bible from one end to the other we will see account after account of God’s plan of redemption. He doesn’t give up on us. Just when all hope is lost God steps in and turns things around so that the human race not only survives but eventually flourishes. He always saves a remnant for himself. That is significant because even today when we are overwhelmed by our circumstances, when we believe that things are too corrupted or too far gone to ever be any good again, we can remember that God always has a plan of redemption in place. God is all about restoration and hope. He continually provides that hope and offers it directly to us through His son, Jesus. We only need to accept what He is offering us. Often we think (even in small decisions) “I got this covered. I don’t need God’s help this time.” Is that really true or are we only sewing fig leaves together in hopes that it will do the job? ] (More)
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